redisredA small, redis-based URL Redirector


redisred is a extremely simple, dumb URL redirector. It lets you turn a link like this:

into a link like this:

Who uses this?

Give me a try!

Log into the admin portal here:

Go ahead and make your own redirects to test it out!

Use case

Although this is an extraordinarily simple tool, it has a powerful use-case within a group or company. Many times, people need to share links to documents, agendas, images, etc. and want to be able to get to them quickly. redisred provides a tool in which people can create memorable links for frequently access pages on the web.

redisred is also useful for sending links to people externally, since it lets you link external resources to your internal branding. Need to send out a Google form to someone outside your group? Instead of sending the ugly google link, shorten it with redisred and link them into your site.


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